Why Help with Children’s Literacy?

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Sit down. Grab a cup of coffee. Put on your reading glasses. Learn a little bit about why you should give to or think about children’s literacy.

What is the Problem with Children’s Literacy?

First, many problems are present with children’s literacy. People do not recognize children’s literacy as a prominent issue. In the world, books are accessible almost everywhere. Online (and brick and mortar) stores, websites, stores, and libraries are only a few ways to access these materials, so what is the problem? Think internationally. Think about how there is Amazon Prime shipping packages everywhere in two days. Your child wants a book? Simply click “buy now” and it will arrive at your door in just two days. Now, think of a small child who cannot simply reach for their iPhone and click “buy now”. Reading is probably harder for them because they don’t have the access to books.

What Are Some Programs/Organizations That Help?

Let’s think small, then move on to large organizations. First some small, hometown roots help contribute to help promote literacy. Programs such as the Little Free Library program helps children by having little boxes all over counties. Little Free Library is a community program that is developed by people taking a book, but leaving one for the next person. Many different types of little free libraries are available, and they are easily accessible because it is a community program. Individuals create these “libraries” and get to enjoy seeing people utilize the access to books. Also, there are programs that are started within libraries. Libraries have kits that are made especially for children to promote literacy. A child can grab a kit that includes a book and expand their reading skills. Now switching to international programs, there is the International Literacy Corps. They promote literacy in sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of helping with the people of sub-Saharan Africa is to improve their quality of life through the promotion of literacy. Also, there is the World Literacy Foundation. The World Literacy Foundation promotes literacy by donating, volunteering, and campaigning. These are only a few of the organizations that are out there to help children with reading, but each one that you decide to contribute to will make an impact.

Here Are the Facts

In the world, there are about 122 children who cannot read. Also, about 17% of the world’s adult population is illiterate. Considering that there are 7 billion people in the world, one million who cannot read isn’t a large amount considering that billions of people live on this earth. But, that does not mean that we should stop caring about the importance of literacy. Literacy is a key fundamental skill that every person should have because of the importance of it. This does have an impact on the world because in impoverished countries people are more likely to live in poor conditions. With the poor conditions that they live in they often do not have access to good healthcare. Therefore, increasing the literacy rate will also be increasing the conditions that these people live in, and also it will be making their healthcare much better than it would be with low literacy rates. Also, those who do not have literacy skills often become isolated from others and develop aggression toward others.

How Important is Literacy Today?

Literacy is very important in today’s society because it effects every aspect of a child’s life, even an adult’s life. Without literacy, a child will become frustrated because there are so many aspects of daily life that pertain to literacy. Think about the daily tools that we use every day, and without them we would be constantly frustrated. Texting, reading signs, and using the internet would all be very difficult, especially to a child who does not have literacy skills. Communication is a key factor within the world, therefore we must give time and resources to children who do not have reading skills. Without these skills they will not have the proper skills of communication, and that would hinder them from living to their full potential. Also, literacy is vital because when a child is educated they give back to their communities and the world. Giving back to communities, and the world, is what makes the world go around. By contributing to children’s literacy, you can help lower the rate of illiteracy. Think of the child you can help utilize everyday skills by contributing to children’s literacy.

How Can You Help?

After you have read this article, think about what you can do to help these children. One day you will see that your small impact of helping a child, or donating your time or money, has a bigger impact than what you think it does. Think of it as dropping a pebble into water, but for every ripple that comes from that pebble being dropped, that is the effect that you have passed on to these children that got help. So, don’t just sit there! Share this article if you find it interesting, you want to help children, or you feel that this is your contribution!

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