An out of the box thinking for solving an Indian problem


Author: Dr. P K Dash; Chairman, BAIL

An idea of one enterprising regional airline operator. This is an idea whose time has come in India

“Ideas are important but implementation is everything”

Is it too difficult to get the idea that here comes a regional airline operator who does not buy aircraft for his airline but owns an aircraft industry which manufactures his aircraft? Yes, it is. But let us proceed to see if we can get the idea. In turn the aircraft industry owns an aircraft design institution which designs his aircraft. This design institution owns an engineering college and makes it to produce the designers it needs. The engineering college owns a school which takes children at pre-school level and trains them through the 10+2 system to provide the input to the engineering college.

Simultaneously, the would-be airline operator starts a pilot training institute to train the pilots he needs for his airline operation free of cost. He then uses his trained pilots in his airlines to recover the training cost. He also starts his MRO activities tied to his AME institute which supplies the man-power his MRO hangar needs. A similar concept he implements for getting his cabin crew.

The would-be airline operator masterminds the air-transport business as one giant integrated institution building. Airline operation is not a business for him. His life’s business is airline operation.

Make a guess! To what level he will bring down the cost of air tickets in India?

Just compare the cost of a dosa you eat at home and the cost you pay in a hotel; The air ticket cost he can bring down to taxi or first-class railway fare or even less.

Take for example, travel from Bangalore to Mysore. Imagine the air fare is less than taxi fare or first class railway fare. Further the road transport takes 3-hours, compared to ½ hour air travel time.

Let us assume (which is reasonable) there are 1000 people going from Bangalore to Mysore every morning/day. Will not these 1000 people prefer air travel compare to road travel.

If the above enterprising regional airline operator uses a 10-seater aircraft to transport these people he will require 100 aircraft in one-way transportation. He will need another 100 aircraft to bring people from Mysore to Bangalore at the same time.

200 aircraft for daily operation between only two cities/towns.

Imagine the number of aircraft he needs to connect all the Tier-1/Tier-2/Tier-3 towns in India. How many pilots we need? How many aircraft fabrication industry we need and so on.

This single regional airline operator can employ all the Engineering / Polytechnic / ITI students coming out of all engineering / polytechnic / ITI institutions of the country.

He doesn’t have any headache for selling aircraft. There is no need to offer any degree certificate. The children study in his school/college, they work in his industries and airlines and they retire and stay in his old age homes free of cost.

The way the society prepares its young for adulthood is education. This airline operator will become the greatest educator in India.

This is how India must look to solve all its problem. And I also know Indian Government will not do it. But Indians can do it. This airline operator is an Indian.

Then why are we talking about it. Such a concept is not simple, it is not easy and it cannot be done quickly.

This airline operator believes it. Given a chance he will do it.

Where there is a will, there is money. How we say otherwise when India spent Rs.3000/- crores for Sardar Patel’s statue.

What, this would-be-enterprising airline operator is looking for, through this write up, is like-minded people and not investors. He is planning an institution and not a business. Men/Women are the infrastructure of such an institution, and not money.

Is there anybody out there who thinks it is doable?

Let us get in touch. Let us not worry about “how” to do it. Let us think of “why” and “what” behind this airline ideas and solving the problem of young Indians. This idea is applicable for every other aspects of life in India.



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