On Following Through with Your Best Intentions

Alternatively titled: Things That I Have Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Bailey Jarriel
Jul 19, 2016 · 7 min read
Such as: laughing in the park!

When I wrote my first Medium post a month ago, I had mixed feelings about it. I’ve tried and failed to execute plenty of good blog concepts, most of which were centered around the fact that my name rhymes with “daily” and I feel like not incorporating that into a blog title would be a colossal missed opportunity. (For anyone else worried about this, check out my twitter @dailybaileynews. I picked the name in the spirit of the play on words and a social reinvention — journalists use Twitter now, apparently, hence “news” — but realized too late that it could be interpreted as a Kardashian-esque update page on what I’ve been doing with my day. For all those who care this much about the fact that my train was delayed and I cried over brunch in Bushwick last weekend, follow me!)

Between my senior year and college, I began my foray into the blogosphere with a daily (yes, every day!) update on ~my fitness journey~ which promptly ended after a glorious week, when I realized that I am far too good at convincing myself I “deserve” to skip workouts. I then began writing and producing videos pretty regularly for The Pioneer, meaning I was creatively content. Despite writing various pieces of commentary (on college, on that thing that happened at UVA, on a friend who passed away, on feminism, on life) in the following two years, I have a unique combination of narcissism and a paranoid self-reflection that make me an obsessive editor, meaning, by the time I get around to hitting publish, I’m pretty sick of my own voice, I feel stupid, and we should just forget I ever said anything because the more I think about it there are plenty of people weighing in on these things already. And god damnit, I can never stop myself from writing run-on sentences.

But Camille has a really good blog, so I figured, why not give it another try? Returning to blogging for Parse.ly was supposed to be my fresh start! It would, quite literally, be my job to commit to this thing. To write to my heart’s desire. To finally reconcile my love-hatred of my own authorial voice with the pre-ordained approval of the people who hired me!

But I got busy and I fucked up and this is probably my second and last blog post in what I optimistically began referring to as the “Intern Diaries” in company messaging channels. Like, I barely deserve the move from “y” to “ie”, but since there are two now I guess it counts.

So instead of giving you live updates on life, what it’s like to work in the city, what I’ve learned, and what I’ve done, as I planned to, I am going to reflect on the many promises I have made and broken this summer, and all the good reasons why.

Promise #1: The Daily Bailey is finally, finally going to be a thing. Literally. Every. Day.

Reason I broke it: I have the unique and apparently rare privilege of actually doing work for my internship with Parse.ly. I work under three amazingly cool, driven, and inspirational women, and one guy who hired me and is maybe one of my bosses but mostly just calls me into meetings every few weeks where he pretends to fire me, gives me fake assignments, and makes great jokes that are impossible to respond to. (David, this is me making good on my promise to include you in my next post. Yasss! Follow-through! Thanks for the laughs and weirdness. Please add me on LinkedIn but otherwise cease all contact with me when this internship ends. Thank you.)

While personal blogging is a good filler task, it’s one that I actually didn’t need. Marketing, it turns out, includes event planning, ghost writing, data digging, campaign planning, email writing, HTML struggling, swagbag ordering, and lead converting. What it doesn’t include is busy work. The only thing that would have been harder than using my brain 8 hours a day this summer would be doing nothing for 8 hours a day, which takes a surprising amount of willpower. So to my three lovely bosses, Clare, Allie, and Alexa, thanks for taking me seriously as an adult person and giving me something to write on my resume besides “Intern, Parse.ly, New York, NY: took notes during company-wide meetings.” You inspire me!

And while I wish I had blogged more, I got to write this, this, this, this, and this, which was pretty great, too.

Promise #2: I will work out like, all the time.

Reason I broke it: Where do I begin?? There are so many other things I would rather be doing than obsessing about my body fat percentage and having an existential crisis on the endless loop of the stairclimber. I will always have a little bit of a double chin in photos, but I will not always be in New York City as a 20-year-old woman.

The gym in my basement is a scary torture hole with no windows, no air circulation, but surprisingly the same number of assholes lifting weights while pretending not to stare at themselves in the mirror. I signed up for a membership at Crunch but….I don’t want to talk about it. I did, however, find some good forms of alternative exercise including:

  • Walking to and from work a lot (mm, sweaty!)
  • Going to a 7:30 AM spin class a whole two times with Mackenzie, who, it turns out, is not that bad at foosball. I retract my previous statement.
  • Performing a small miracle with the encouragement of Harper Dodd by visiting the home of Tom, Sam, and Dylan, my lovely friends who live in the depths of Alphabet City, 2–3 times a week
  • Touring people around Manhattan and Brooklyn pretty much every weekend
  • Emerging from the subway and walking in the wrong direction, realizing I’m going the wrong direction, turning around, and walking back the way I should be going. This adds about 30 yards to my mileage every day. Bonus points for realizing I was going the right way the first time, after all.
  • Thinking about renting bikes in Central Park, on Governor’s Island, on Coney Island, etc. (Intention is everything!)
  • Flicking off cat-callers with gusto.
  • Carrying my groceries the entire 2.5 blocks from Trader Joe’s to my building — and I bought the Power of Seven juice which comes in a glass bottle (is this how you make “gains”?)
  • Walking around museums and art galleries with my infinitely cooler-than-me friends. Making commentary about the use of white space. And shadow. Nodding my head thoughtfully.

Promise #3: I will not miss home, even a little.

Reason I broke it: This one is obvious.

Promise #4: I will save money.

Reason I broke it: I surround myself with enablers. Caroline, borrowing your predominantly-Madewell wardrobe this summer has given me a complex. I might have spent my whole paycheck on That One Shirt, but it was worth it. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t living across the hall from me next semester. Harper, you may be thrifty, but you work in fashion and your clothes are cool so honestly you’re part of the problem. Finally, to every woman in New York, you dress and look like supermodels constantly, and you make me want to be a better (read: richer) woman myself :’)

Promise #5: I’m only going to eat out once a week!

Reason I broke it: There are so, so many.

Here’s to a happy summer and an amazing first internship experience with Parse.ly. I have eaten, explored, loved, spent, gained, lost, and learned more than I thought I could in a summer. And I still have two more weeks!

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