Meet Shaun Dindial, the Advisor for Bailsman

What do you like about Bailsman?

I think it’s aspiring that Bailsman is tackling an industry that hasn’t seen a change in decades. Most times security deposits sit frozen in the account and only act as an insurance. Bailsman, on the other hand, unlocks the security deposits and eliminates the need to freeze the funds. This is almost like an insurance policy for security deposits, where the payout is guaranteed. And all this is also done on the blockchain, which, I think, is brilliant.

Why is Bailsman needed?

Bailsman is tapping into a virtually untouched market. There are billions of dollars just in the US which are locked up as security deposits. The extra free-flowing cash, which can appear if the Bailsman guarantee solution is introduced, will be able to allow consumers to spend their money on necessities or other investments. As a result, people will be able to manage their funds for their actual needs and not just have them frozen for months as is the case with the current security deposit market.

What do you see as a future for Bailsman?

In the future, I can see Bailsman getting into other parts of the real estate industry. This may even include the insurance industry. Either way, the process may bring some real transformations in the security deposit market. With this type of potential, the sky’s the limit.

About Shaun Dindial

Shaun Dindia is the partner at Crypto Global Capital. He has 10 years of work experience in the real estate and private equity & investment banking, namely Wells Fargo & JP Morgan. Shaun has spent the last 3 years consulting companies in the ICO processes and making capital introductions through an extensive network of family offices and HNWIs.