Shift from Unified Communication to Unified Collaboration — Part 1

Looking beyond the horizon for a demanding shift from Unified Communication to Unified Communication and Collaboration.

Earlier Unified Communications encompassed a voice-led product offering. The market has shifted, customers no longer want just voice — they want video, collaboration, and mobile, which is more than UC or UCaaS can provide. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is real-time collaboration. UCC platforms provide voice, video, collaboration, mobile, and more — everything customers want. The UC era is over . The communication market is shifting to new horizons where multi-dimensional communication will be the future. Voice, video and message based communication and collaboration will lead the industry. We should not be surprised if many more modalities will be introduced as customer needs evolve. There was an era where users would switch multiple applications to achieve communication and collaboration . As industries evolved, so did the users , now they are looking for communication , collaboration and ways to get work done through a single application. Users are looking for a seamless, friction less work flow without losing context. For example: why can I not chat about a document and schedule a meeting to discuss it , while keeping all the communication intact. There are a lot of scenarios that support this , I will discuss those in my upcoming articles.

As messaging becomes a key part of communications , mobile collaboration will take on a larger enterprise role, by evolving email to more of a confirmation mechanism . Once the organization build such a platform , UCC will grow in its momentum at an even greater rate. The key is building the platform to support UCC, not to limit it to a modality. Keep it extensible!

Though voice and email communications dominate within the enterprise, the shift to video and messaging-based UCC is already taking place. Today, what users want is real-time collaboration. The need to integrate collaboration and communication capabilities with other business applications is one of the ways that enterprises can transform themselves into a full fledged digital business.

In the next article I will elaborate on the barriers and challenges to a UCC world. Stay Tuned!