Some days I want to pause, not with what I see but with what I do. Pause from relationships, pause from friendships, pause from what really is happening around the world, pause from the ticking of the clock. In that pause, in that second is my definition of breath.

So how often do you really breathe?

We today have become so consumed in addressing things around that we forget the most important thing to address, ourselves. We are trying to find replacements to everything be it commitment, happiness or anything real and true. The question now has taken over from how far will we run to till where will we run. Has the routine taken over the definition which is so stagnant that it is common for majority of us?

We grill ourselves in order to prove us wrong. Surprisingly that’s the shift, in yester years people wanted to prove their families, their challengers what they are made of but the equation has changed. We are proving ourselves what we can do, we know maybe that it is not what we want but we just need to do because WE CAN DO IT. You can move the mountains love but maybe you are meant to swim in the beaches. We come back home to empty rooms. We are letting go the feeling of sharing. We are becoming confused byproducts of modernization. We forget no matter how well we earn or how late we party till, in the end we will have to come back home. That room, that place of giggles and cries is left for us to handle alone. We are covering up for the world to not know what is really inside us. We wish for love till the time it’s convenient, till the time it has no struggle, till the time it has no fight. Just when it does, we wake up and think it all to be a dream and want to swiftly let go of it. Whereas the answer to it all has always been the same, it has and it always will be about the fight but it is all about who you have to root for you when you go in the ring which makes you win it.

Till when will we think of the reality to be difficult and run away from it? Maybe it is very easy, maybe living on our own terms comes with a satisfaction second to none. Now maybe it is a mistake but why not make it? We got to make a mistake in order to figure out if it is one or else we might end up regretting to not having had made it at the right time with a right person for the right feel. We need to realize not everything that’s bottled up and stuck is champagne. Sometimes or rather mostly it’s a volcano which on coming out is not what we want to be around.

We need to have an equal of relationships, friendships, what is happening around the world and the ticking of the clock because that’s what ensures that we are on play. Because in that play,in that second is my definition of life.

So how often do you really live?