Towards God-like Awesomeness: Andela Bootcamp

Day 5: Much Needed

Round one over and I’m a bundle of nerves. I won’t lie, this training is most intellectually challenging week of my life. I can’t remember feelings this tired but excited. The day isn’t over yet and I still plan a marathon coding from now till tomorrow. Good times right?

7:51am: Bienvenidos!!! My punctuality is improving. I make a switch to my morning routine: No coffee for me…Also we do have less crowd than when we started.

9:30am: After a brief morning workout, we played “Sentence Construction” which is u with your team (2 in total) forming sentences based on questions that are by people watching. Some very hilarious sentences were formed. Then came assignment review and we settle down to the topic for the today: Sortingand Searching (It was all fun and games until the later).

Break in Transmission:…………My eyes are literally closing as I’m typing these blog…. So much for all night progrsmming

1:47pm: Food came in early today and I can’t seem to catch a break rice. It’s always avoiding me…

2:45pm: Remember the statement about “fun” and “games” when we were learning Sort and Search?, Well, this period was everybody crash landed. What was supposed to be sprint exercises turned to lagos maraton… The struggle was very real here. Even Chidi was alarmed by our lack of progress.

7:00pm: I’m exhausted and finally on my way home. Why does there have to be soo much traffic

The good news: much needed rest… The bad news: some wont be coming back