Towards God-like Awesomeness: Andela Bootcamp

Day 8: Boiling Points and Meltdowns

The enormity if the our assigned projects is starting to hit everyone. There’s palpable tension in the building and attempts at reassuring people only made matters worse. Even attempts at explaining coding issues confused us the most.

While the day started well for me, at 12noon I was nowhere and a bit of panic started to set in. I switched tactics and focused on solving the little I could solve. It worked for a while but things had to move faster. I then listened to an advice by Samuel, the Python Guy and decided to go for according to his idea. I started watching a tutorial video and suddenly progress was made. Through out the remaining 5hrs I was able to grasp understand some fundamental concepts and form a workable line of action to complete my project.

I left Andela feeling optimistic.. ish. Let’s see our d next 24hrs goes.

No time to check time….


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