Towards God-like Awesomeness: Andela Bootcamp

Day 7: Shit Got Real….Very Fast

Shit just got real…. These guys aren’t smiling at aaallll!!!!! …. The fact that I’m posting two blogs in one day shows how much work has been given to us. As a results my posts has to reduce to the necessary.

I’m arrive at Bootcamp camp early as usual(7:40am) and people are already hard at work: Project on our minds. Thinking that I had the whole day to work on mine , I settle down to focus on it but Andela had other things in mind. Long story short, API’s, Team Presentations and Agile Development took the entire day. We also had the CoFounder of Andela visit us. One day It’ll be me in similar position.

One a more humbling and chastising note, I was called out on another nonesense of mine. I do apologise to Chidi, our Instuctor. Would defintely not let you or myself down again.

Regardless of it all, I’m having soo much fun. It’s been a very long time since I had to think soo fast and deep. I can actually feel my IQ increasing.

Now back to work…. Phew!!!!!