Towards God-like Awesomeness: Andela Bootcamp

Day 3: The Hustle is Real!!!

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, the tempo gets increased. Add to that the soul-drenching Lagos traffic with power failure, you get an idea of how today went. Not that I’m complaining; infact I’m becoming my “street-self” again which for this purpose is a very good thing.

7:55am: Arrived at Bootcamp, nobody was outside and I fear the worst for my spot. Phew!!! still available. Someone is looking out for me.

10:30am: After a review of our “food for thought”, our Instructor, looking is like his normal self, engages us what turns out to be a very interesting exercise: “Yes aaaand” which is an extremely polite way of saying “No!” (kidding). Note to future Co-founder(s): I would be holding a very long cane when we have this conversation. After that, we switch to Test-Driven Development in Python. It is all starting to come together nicely. The logic behind the Andela Home Study Tests was revealled.

2:52pm: FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!… Amala and Ogbono(one of my favourite). Maybe because I’m too tired, that’s why Pete Edoche’s wisdom is failing me…

4:52pm: Up till this point I’m Ok… not fast enough but definitely good progress. Then along came lambdas, Filters and Maps and we are almost starting from the bottom. These functions are looking like are looking like *gasp* Php… But no panic, I’ll get it in time. We end up doing another Andela Novelty: AndeLabs (I’ll definitely going to have fun with this one).

7:00pm: Long journey back home. “Street-mode” On. Not a bad day, I’m actually calm about everything but not taking “nohum” for granted…