I Have seen you from afar, yet l stayed in my spot till you got close, I was racing through you, but you never moved so I was stuck. You heal all wound they say, but you came, You claimed a gift, a stubbornly persistent illusion, that’s what you are. Great length you got so you are virtually stuck, killing me softly as I work hard to run, like mirage, I never get close.

My fingers are itching, scratches of my heart, my emotion like the ocean, roaring out of my hands, to my keyboard, I was caged. As my hearts rejoice in her collocation wishing I diffuse into a later letter, yet i was left. I became dead to my wealth, even though it’s always there in us, we just don’t know what to do with it. Not knowing what to do make us feel like there are no tears in our pain, it’s the collateral beauty that glorifies our emotion into a surge that makes it all go at rush hour. One more time, One more scene, what can I say of this character, what did it feel like, how much of sensation and extra ordinary openness to my true self, as the train walk the rail of time , I walk through the thoughts of my past, showing out every ounce of my pain. Am eating as a birthday cake but by one, my pain, strolling down the dark road with fear, if it will end. My road flashes light, but it only brought pain as a feared hero, the light came, but he could not give me hope. Like thunder am struck and down with my road unknown, of the end that will come. My fear is the pain and not the end as I seem to be gone from my character into a comma of my act. Lonely I walk with love not felt even from the best of my friends. What pain is in a life without Love. What love can be found in death, what debt can matter in joy, how will it all turn sour, a sweet that melted in my tongue.

Science has been ended, the road turned blue, I am as the truth, bitter as told, even Gold is no match. Who will end my cause and fill my day without trouble, who will tremble at my feet when I have my struggle. Love in lack is never shown yet it’s seen, rarely do we dance in our shame am told. But death took away his pain and showed Him love, but this pain was His love even when it showed him pain on some days.

Love is the answer to it all, as I felt I wrote, don’t find too much meaning because its not my pain but emotions from a SCENE I WAS BURIED. In it all i stay, in pain, in time, in Joy, in gift, in laughs, in sadness and in all mess. WHAT WILL PAIN BE LIKE WITHOUT LOVE, WHAT WILL WEALTH BE WITHOUT LOVE, WHAT WILL IT ALL BE ?