Pain was always faithful,
 it was Love that cheated,
 Every door I knocked he said, hi’
 he asked always, that I may come in,
 ready to embrace me, …
 setting romance in motion,
 causing me pleasure in its warmth

Love was wicked, yet was my desire
 Hire was she for, never stayed longer
 I got confused, which is better
 Can anyone tell me, Where is Love ?
 lost as my father, from birth didn’t bother
 Mother’s love, Fed me always
 Yet not satisfied , trusted pain’s fingers

Love I have googled, Money gave me data
 Crossing my road at 13, Hit me at 25
 Injured me and left, In search of Love
 I felt cheated, All road to Love
 Love is wanted, I deserve better
 I asked for love, Pain I gained
 I gave Love, I lost my pain
 Love stayed, As I gave it away !

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