and stalking is served.

Imagine being woken up at night by a phone call asking: “Are you available? We can meet?”. You say they have the wrong number and you go back to sleep. A few minutes and a second call arrives: “Hello. I read the announcement. How much does the girl take for a complete relationship? “. Imprecate, you shake a bit ‘but it’s two o’clock. What to do? The only thing is to put the phone in air mode and get back to bed. In the morning: dozens of whatsapp messages, calls and sms. All straight men and everyone wants sex.

It happened to me a few days ago. I’ll tell you my story.

I get up in the morning and scroll through the messages: they refer to an “classified ad on ”. They are young boys, adult men and some elderly people. On the picture of whatsapp some have put their wife and children, others their beautiful face with the indication of the name and surname in the description. But most have anonymous accounts, without the small avatar picture. I realize that the dozens of men who are writing to me via whatsapp read my name and, in the description, the site of my company. Cancel all traces immediately. I do not want these guys to see who I am.

The phone rings every five minutes. One in five makes it a hidden number but most call with the number in clear (I begin to understand why in Italy every 100 inhabitants there are 140 SIM). I turn it off. I can not work until I understand what is happening. I start looking for this damn Bakeca incontri Donna cerca Uomo on Google. I come across the, a well-known free classifieds site. It has an area dedicated to spicy meetings. I’m looking for and i can not find anything.

I turn on the phone and it rings immediately. I answer: “Who is it?”. “I read your ad — it makes me the type — and I wanted to meet your girlfriend”. “Sorry, but I’ve added a lot of ads, send me the link via whatsapp so I understand who you like”. I’m improvising … Dling! The link arrives. “Thank you”. I connect to the link of

There is a photo of a beautiful half-naked girl and … “Fuck! There’s my cell phone! “. I can not believe it. The phone still rings. I turn it off. I try to understand. Who entered my number? And especially. How can I delete this ad?

I look for the BAKECAINCONTRI site: the company is called Bakeca Incontri and is based in Italy.

There is an email: for the resolution and explanation of issues and for clarification of doubts. I’m writing to both of you, warying them to delete the ad and my phone number.

I am furious: I actually did the test and it is possible for anyone to ANONYLY insert a phone number of an ex-girlfriend, a political opponent in the electoral campaign or a minor, in an advertisement linked to prostitution. If the ad is attractive enough, the result is literally being flooded with calls from potential “customers”.

How is it possible for the Privacy Authority to allow this havoc?

They answer me after less than half an hour later (you can see that they receive many of these warnings, as the police officers later confirmed to me). They write from they are “sorry” and have removed the link. I try. It’s true.

I provide my number to create the block. We hope it’s over. I turn on the phone: there are a hundred messages and calls. They will try again to call for the whole day, but I trust that in a couple of days everything will end. Instead it was just the beginning whit Bakeca incontri.