5 Premier Swords For Modern Enthusiasts

Firearms are for warriors, swords are for real warriors. I use to differentiate a warrior and a real warrior. To me, a warrior is the one who uses the advantage of a modernized weapon, but a real warrior is the one who always prefer a weapon that is exclusively made for war. Firearms are a new thing, while a significant part of the history is dominated by swords. Hence, for me swords are the real weapons for warriors.

There is a reason why many enthusiasts still prefer swords over other weapons. Yes, these bladed weapons are no more useful in wars. But, I don’t think war has remained an option. In the modern days, dialogue is considered a solution to the political conflicts around the world. Therefore, both swords and firearms are just some things placed in your collection, and nothing more. But, if you have swords in your arsenal, you are considered a real enthusiast. I mean, this expresses your love for the weapons and your respect for the real ancient warriors.


Since we have stepped into a modern world, we have a modern approach to everything. For instance, we now want to have modern swords apart from just traditional swords. What are these modern swords though? Well, these are different from traditional ones and are made for just decoration purpose, not for fighting. But, it does not mean that they are fake swords made of foam and wood. You can have both wooden and foam swords, and real steel-made swords.

If you are an enthusiast looking for some modern swords, let me introduce some modernized swords that will blow your mind. Since you are curious to get them in your collection, here are the five premier swords for you:

1. Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords are the ones that belong to an imaginary world, called fantasy world. In some popular fictional series, there are some renowned characters we know as fantasy characters. These characters are portrayed as the superheroes who are always on a mission to save their world. Surprisingly, most of the these characters use swords. Hence, not just these characters become popular, their swords also gain great appreciation by the fans. This urges the fans to get these swords to express their love for those characters. Many enthusiasts are crazy for these modern swords because they are unique and stylish.

Fantasy Swords

2. Sword Cane

Sword cane is something that really fulfills the definition of advancement and modernization. I believe that modernism means smarter approach to things. For instance, we use the internet to apply for a degree online which is faster and cheaper method. Similarly, manufacturers, since they are smart, have established this sword that is more than just a bladed weapon. A sword cane is a decoration piece in your living room, a cane for walking and a blade for defending against the attackers. This is why modern enthusiasts prefer such things. They fulfill several needs. You know how important it has become to carry a secret weapon for self defense. So, if you have such a sword that is concealed inside a cane, you can counter the attacker by pulling out the blade at once. These canes always include a steel blade. So, enthusiasts love these canes because they can walk equipped with a weapon for defense.

Sword Cane

3. Movie Swords

Movies always inspire enthusiasts. And even more inspiring are the swords used in the movies. People love to have things their favorite movies displayed and their favorite actors and stars held. For example, Highlander film series features a popular character Connor MacLeod who has the legendary katana sword. This sword has been a fan-favorite. The fans of this movie are really inspired by the sword and hence they love to have one in their collection just to determine how big fans they are of this movie. This is why movie swords have a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts.

Movie Swords

4. Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are not exactly the modern swords, but they are the traditional swords that are still popular among the enthusiasts. However, there are slight variations to the ancient ones. So, you can consider them modernized swords. One of the iconic samurai swords is the legendary katana that has a fantastic shape. The blade is thicker and longer, but has a slight curve at the bottom. Among all the swords, katana is undoubtedly the most desirable sword for modern enthusiasts.

5. Video Game Swords

Just like movie swords, video game swords are also inspiring for the enthusiasts. Like movies, these swords are displayed in the popular video games, specifically those including battles between the characters. For instance, the Legend of Zelda is a very popular game which features several swords. Link Master Sword is one of those who enthusiasts are crazy for. Similarly, there are plenty of other swords inspired by video games. If you are a fan of a popular game, head to the market and find your desired sword from that game. I assure you will find it once you explore the market.

Video Game Sword
Video Game Sword

Your Favorite Sword?

Are you an enthusiast? Which is your favorite sword then? Yes, I’m talking about these five spectacular swords. Your choice often revolves around these modernized swords. Of course, if you want something that fulfills your needs, you go for cane sword. Similarly, if you are a fan of movies, video games and fantasy series, you go for fantasy swords. However, those inspired by the history are always massive fans of samurais and their swords!



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