What Do You Need to Do to Clean and Maintain Your Blank Firing Guns?

1. Proper Ventilation Required:

It is quite significant for you to clean your blank gun in an area where there is proper ventilation. The reason is that most of the cleaning agents are toxic and noxious as well.

Blank Guns

2. The Requirement of Cleaning Kit:

You will require a cleaning kit for cleaning your gun. The kit includes the oil for blank firing guns, a brush, and a cleaning rod too.

3. Always Wear Protection:

You should always wear eye protection while cleaning your gun. Eyewear should be of the same type that is used for a real firearm.

4. Safe Direction:

Place your gun always pointed in a safe direction while cleaning it or whenever you do the maintenance of the blank gun.

5. Check for Empty Chambers:

Be sure that your gun is not loaded. For all semi-automatic and full-automatic blank firing guns, you should check that the chamber should be empty.

6. Stripping Your Gun:

Afterward, you have to strip your blank gun because different blanks guns will strip contrarily.

7. Cleaning With the Brush:

The next step is to attach the brush with the cleaning rod and push the solvent in the back and forth position inside the barrel.

8. Patch Cleaner:

Once you have completely cleaned the barrel, you need to use the patch cleaner to wipe up the excess solvent and any left loosens the residue as well.

9. Lubricating the Barrel:

After the cleaning of the solvent and leftover residues, it’s time to lubricate the barrel using the patch.

10. Cleaning the Exterior Part:

Again, you have to put a small amount of gun oil on a clean cloth and wipe down the outer part of your blank firing gun.

11. Do Some Extra Care:

Doing a little more effort will make your gun more effective and powerful.


Everything you own requires maintenance because only your care will make your favorite thing capable to work better for you. So, you also should take care of your guns regularly.



I’m Hannah baker working as a Article Writer.

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Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

I’m Hannah baker working as a Article Writer.