Call Upon Him

Years we take to fall in prostration

Seconds we barely take to beg

facing all humiliation

We grow despondent

Because Unheard are the doors of our application’s recipient

So many doors we knocked

But we were mocked

Cried and lamented at their doors

But they did not pay heed to our woes

But why did not we knock the Divine doors ?

Have we ever pondered ?

What to do when grow despondent?

Let us consider the two questions

Why the sky is blue ?

And whats the solution for all cries and hues ?

Do the questions not rhyme ?

Unleash the depth behind the rhyming

And free yourself from all whining

Life will become simple and plain

If only towards Allah we turn in times of pain

Cos He is the Master of all domains

Just accept one big reality

Summed up in the saying of Imam Ali

“When world pushes you to your knees,you are in the perfect position to pray”

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