Interested Challenge

So, for an entire 24 hours, my goal is to focus on asking my friends, family members’ questions about themselves. I have to resist the desire or habit to talk about myself and focus entirely on showing deep interest in others.

After reading the description about this challenge first thought was it will going to be very hard for me to do this! But then I remember about the book named “How to win friends and influenced people”, which was mainly based on how to influence people. It was an inspiring book for me as it talks about how to meet people and being interested in them which will make the relationship better between us.

So coming back to the challenge which required me to talk to my friends and family and being interested in their lives. Being an introvert, it was really hard for me to initiate a talk. I was very nervous to start a simple conversation. How was I going to be interested in their lives?

Even starting the conversation, the responses were mainly awkward silences but after continuously doing it I was casually asking about their lives and after some time my colleagues were started to discussing their matter with me. Listening to them made me feel the connection with them

It made me feel like I was so engrossed in my routine that I was neglecting my co-workers. We only think of them when we need them. It was a very heart-wrenching feeling for me we should be very thoughtful about others’ feelings and it should be done without any hidden purpose. I think our time and attention is the most important thing to build up any relationship. After experiencing this feeling I think I need more to be out there. And to show my empathy to the ones I care about.

Also, I was seeing this video of a motivational speaker Dhar Mann in which he showed compassion for strangers in a very interactive way. After watching it not only broadens my mind but also motivates me more to practice this more. Even if one person can feel safe talking to me without any hesitation would be my prize of doing it. Now I think we should all develop the listening habit to have a growth mindset. Developing this habit will make me a better version of myself.

Hope you like it!



Trying to be a better human being!

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