A group of dice rolling
A group of dice rolling
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How we get notifications from applications, data pipelines, or running processes as conveniently as possible.

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How do you feel about your passport? This is the common story of traveling with a weak/powerless passport.

Democracy is known to be the best political system in the world but as long as it can work.

The official logo of the FIFA World Cup 2018 — Russia

Here is what we learned from the AI’s failure to predict the results of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia.

Do you want to secure your dream jobs as I did? Read my story!

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EduStats parses your citation counts, h-Index, i10-Index, etc. from Google Scholar, Scopus, ResearcherID, Mendeley, …

  • Citation Counts: it accumulates the total number of citations that all published papers of a scholar have…

Where should you start learning?

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Kaveh Bakhtiyari

PhD Candidate in Artificial Intelligence | Data Scientist @SSENSE (Bakhtiyari.com)

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