Ignorance can destroy talent

We talk about something only when we know about its existence. We talk about cricket because we know something about it. We do not talk about Formula 1 Grand Prix when we do not know anything about it. We admire or appreciate someone only when we come to know or understand what they did. We don’t appreciate if we don’t understand the context. Similarly, we encourage others to concentrate on something only when we are knowledgeable about it. It is not that we should know everything in this world, but we should try to involve ourselves in knowing things around us thereby keeping us up-to-date. If we are ignorant about most of the things, then it may indirectly affect the people around us.

In case you don’t know much about painting and your brother is good in painting, you may eventually fail to recognize his talent. If the whole family fails to recognize, your brother’s talent will go unidentified, therefore equivalent to burying alive a future artist. A parent who is ignorant can fail to identify their child’s capabilities and talents. They may underestimate the child which will result in the child developing inferiority complex and failing to identify its own abilities. Eventually the child’s talent will fade away years later.

Talent is something inborn, as we know every human has some talent in them for sure. Recognition is an important catalyst which can make talent reach new heights. Talent yearns for recognition, when given talent gets motivated and continues to perform better.

Whenever talent is ignored or insulted initially, it diminishes away. When a whole community is ignorant, it becomes difficult for talented people to succeed and get recognised. That is why majority of us fail to understand and appreciate many of the intellectual and science fiction movies especially from Hollywood. The concepts behind movies like “Inception”, “The Matrix” are heights of science fiction. For sure, we have talents here to make such movies but we don’t have a major audience to appreciate them. This ignorance among people can make talents move out to a place where they are duly respected – Brain drain.

Therefore, you need to be knowledgeable enough only then you can appreciate talents around you. Upon recognition, talent feels confident enough and thrives to achieve its goal.

We should not limit ourselves in sharpening our talents, but we should also involve in increasing the audience for talent so that talent gets due respect, in turn becomes an inspiration to others that can again inspire more budding talents and is a chain reaction.