TPU: Taste & Speech Processing Unit .It is similar to GPU. Tongue path ways -{:: Neural Falls ::}-, can be another dimension in AI- Deep Learning. Mathematical genius Ramanujan in his dreams,Goddess showing him scrolls covered in strange formulae. ” he later said. “She wrote on my tongue.” Emory University mathematician Ken Ono researchers now say Ramanujan’s formula could explain the behaviour of black holes .We found the formula explaining one of the visions that he believed came from his goddess,” Ono said. Hindu Belief:Writing on the tongue with gold invokes the grace of Saraswaty,by which one attains the wealth of true knowledge.The rationale behind this custom is that Saraswathy,the goddess of wisdom,dwells on the tongue. Complex problems can be solved by crossover functions of sensory processing.(Synesthesia ). E-tongue Screen can be the new touch screen.Since it process not only taste, it is involved in speech, texture and attained in depth processing power ,by evolution. Babies learn through putting objects in the mouth and taste. it is another way of processing info.