2 Fundamental Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

When you are an entrepreneur, you are an engineer, a designer, a salesperson, a marketing executive, ops, hr — everybody. You just pick up every skill that you may not even have and turn it into one of your strengths with massive learning and growth. Ever wondered how this is even humanly possible to dive into the unknown and learn to swim your way out. If you are here, reading this note, you too have jumped off the cliff, a cliff from where the bottom is not visible. If you haven’t yet, you are thinking of doing it. Good. Some of you will build a parachute on your way down and some of you may build an entire airplane and never land. Some of you will fail, fall down hard. But here’s a good news. When you do hit the bottom, you don’t die, you are hurt, severely too, but you are still breathing. When you are there, two things will define your life forward.


Every entrepreneur who would have failed at least once would agree with me that as painful as it is, you have gained the knowledge and experience of how not to do it. Now you know what better you could have done. Right? There are many around you who would fall, get up and climb the mountain again, get to the cliff and jump all the way again. These folks, the ones who do this on a repeat basis haven’t really failed. They are still in the process of figuring it out. Well, if you think about, you need to right once, just once. The question is are you those people, the ones who wouldn’t give up, who wouldn’t take no for an answer, ever. Are you the kind who is strong enough to gather your broken bones and walk again?


In the jungle, predators do not catch their prey every time they attack. Sometimes it is a miss. But, if they take that as a failure and sit back and sulk, they would die of hunger. They need to find their next prey and attack, this time with a better strategy. A hungry lion wouldn't even care if there another lion eyeing the same prey. Have you seen a hungry lion? It has its eyes on its target. Locked. And in its head, there no doubt that it might not be able to get what it wants. Zero.

So, are you the kind who would look at your goals, with zero doubt about your abilities to achieve it, even if you may not have been able to achieve a few of those earlier? Are you hungry enough to enjoy your feast?

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