No, I don’t have enough experience. In anything. Well, I am just 25, about 4 years out of college, trying to figure out the concepts of the real world. I am just another guy from around the block, who you would pass by on a Sunday and wouldn’t even notice. But, what makes me special is my ambition. Well, we all got ambitions, you are no different — you may say. No, I wouldn’t be different if I wanted to be a millionaire by 30, have a great family, have the work-life balance you could only dream of, have enough time to go out on a vacation with the ones I love, buy what I want and when I want it, have the ability to influence cultures and be healthy both physically and mentally. The perfect life, wouldn’t it be? I know you want it too and so, no I am no different.

No, I don’t have enough talent. Well, I have a few but I am not the best in anything or any field, really. Besides, I lack a few skills which I need to achieve what I want. And oh, I absolutely suck at a few things to the extent of utter embarassment. So, to be successful, talent is not really something I can rely on, quite clearly.

No, I am not smart enough. Put me in a maze and I doubt I will be able to figure my way out, even for days or months. I have never been very good with science or mathematics. I am not the best with technology or computers. Hell, I am not smart enough to even haggle with a fruit vendor. So, if smartness is one of the ways people achieve great things in life, I am far, far behind in that race.

I may be a nobody now. I may not be what I think I should be now. But, I know one thing for sure about me — I will work my ass off to get to where I want to be. So what if I am not smart enough now, I will learn the tricks of the trade just like any other necessary talent I will acquire along the way. So what if I am not experienced enough now, if its just the number of years you look at, I should be successful with time anyway. I am set out to hunt and I ain’t going back till I score big. And to everyday that passes by, I am going to make sure its worth a story, for the pleasure of myself. So here’s a note to the 30 year old me — if you have made it, write a similar note to your 35 year old self to score bigger and if haven’t made it yet, don’t stop. You are still young, inexperienced, not-so-talented and an absolute idiot. So, go do shit.

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