Sales And The Law Of The Jungle

In a crude sense, sales is the most important vertical in any organisation. Sales is what brings in money into a company and that is what keeps the company going. Ofcourse you need a product to be sold, but have people not sold a stone for millions? Sales have branched out into many versions these days and people have begun to define their niche within the broad spectrum of sales. There’s B2B, B2C, B2B2C, partnerships, deal closing, business development and what not. Whatever sales may evolve into, there are a few underlying principles that sales will always rely on.

Survival of the fittest

If you are a product company, as a sales person, you need to believe in your product so much so that you, by yourself, would be willing to pay for it. That’s the basic 101 of sales. But then, there may be better products in the market. After all, its not the best products out there that succeed or even survive. So, is being the best product one of the criteria for being the ‘fittest’ in the market?

You are a ‘fit’ company in the market if people in your niche know your product, they find it worthy enough to pay for and are very happy with you as a company. To be the ‘fittest’ in the market, however, you need to be the only one. When I say, the only one — I mean not kill your competitors, but be the top one in the chain so that your customers don’t think about the 2nd option that they have. Think Google for web searches. Domination, right? So, if the concept of web search collapses tomorrow and only there has to be only one search engine left out there, guess who would it be?

So if a sales person from Google Search has to walk into a deal, what would his pitch be? Food for thought.

Not every meat is yours

As a sales person you need to understand that not every deal is yours. Not every customer may want you. Not everyone is your target market. As in the jungle, you look for your prey when you are hungry, you prepare yourself for the attack and give it a shot. But, what happens afterwards may be one of these two things — you get your prey and then you enjoy your feast for the night or even for days to come or you miss your prey, maybe because someone else got there first. Now, if you know that that customer is yours and you need him no matter what, get on your feet, pull out you claws and go for it. At the end of it all, no one is going to see how you did it, if you didn't do anything at all.

Point of all this is this — although you know that you may not be able to close all the deals in your pipeline as a sales person, you drop the name from the list only when you have tried it all.

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