What does ‘Success’ mean, really?

The next time you engage in a conversation which lasts more than 2 mins, pop in this question and you will know…

March 29th, 2:00 AM : Allan looked at his phone waiting for it to ring and the person at the other end to, probably trembling in happiness, stutter the word “Congratulations, my boy”! His phone has been ringing for about 2 hours now, but all from various media houses who wanted to cover him first. Everyone. His startup XYZ had just raised $100M in Series C and one of his investors tweeted the news away.

August 9th, 9:30 PM: Emma just got back home, settled in the most comfy corner of the couch and closed her eyes to let her excitement settle down. She was waiting for her husband to come home so she could share the good news with him over a glass of wine. She had just been double promoted to a General Manager owing to her work and her exemplary performance in the previous quarter.

October 21st, 11:46 PM: Simon came running out of the room yelling “It’s a girl!”, went down on his knees and then to the floor of the hospital, crying out loud all the way. His dad pulled him up and gave him a hug as tears of joy strolled down his eyes too. Simon just became a father for the first time after trying for years.

So, who is successful? Ask Allan, Emma and Simon and they will tell you very different definitions of the word — Success. Think about it this way for a moment — if all three of them did not face any challenges at all in getting to this point in their lives, would these events in their lives hold this much value? Or would it be an event at all? You, sitting in your comfy chair and reading this, take a moment to think about your next meal for the day. Done? Is you having your next meal an event? No? Well, it is for someone out there. See the point?

Success is a part of an equation. The equation has many variables like perspective, experience, time, money, emotions….

And well, here’s a brutal truth — in your quest to understand success, listening to a Ted talk by Allan, a personal chat with Emma and reading a book by Simon is not gonna define it for you. You need to define your priorities in life. You need to know what you want to achieve with your actions. You need to know who all matter to you and who’s opinions affect you. You need to design your success. You need to know your shit.

And oh, while you are at it, make it different, design an unconventional life, so that when you tell your story, it doesn’t sound like anything anyone has ever heard.

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