Day 1

I feel okey. My heart hurts every half hour. Right before it starts to hurt I recognize the feeling. It’s not the first time. He has hurt it before so I recognize it. But right before it starts to hurt; breathe breathe I say to myself. I can’t help but think that I must look like I’m delivering a child when I take my deep breaths. But they help, I’ve noticed. I’m not really a writer but than again who is who tell who is what and not. So, yes I am a writer. Not the professional one who makes a living of off it. English is not my first language and therefor my grammar is not great either.

But my heart hurts because I just left a relationship yesterday and it’s hard and I’m trying to remind myself that today is easy and when this weekend is done it’s going to be more difficult, but it’s okey.

I’m going to write everyday for one month about my heart and my breathing. I’m trying to tell myself that maybe it makes my heart not hurt as much if I write.

If you have any advice for a hurting heart, please share.


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