Are you doing enough great marketing?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs actually believe that they do marketing when they engage their businesses on social media when in actual sense they engage only a single element of marketing.

I am not saying it’s not important to create online presence and awareness for your business but the question is; Is it enough effort to market your business?

In my view, you don’t yet own a car when someone only gives you a set of wheels. A car is a combination of wheels and engine and a whole lot more. Similarly you can’t claim to be an accountant if you are only able to do an income statement. Accounting also requires balance sheet, cashflow and auditing skills.
 If your company has a Facebook page, you are not doing marketing. You are merely using a component part of marketing, namely social media. The same is true if you have a website or brochure or an advert in the latest industry magazine, or radio ad. None of these, on their own, qualifies as marketing.
 Marketing is not consistently doing one thing but consistently doing a combination of everything that touches the mind of the customer and trigger their emotions to make the sale. Good marketing is when all of these things tell a single cohesive message about your product, service or business. It is called integrated marketing.

By following a half-baked approach to marketing puts your business on a disadvantage and doesn’t really work.

In fact, coming to think of it, great marketing is put together very much like a great car. Let’s look at it from this perspective.

  • The engine is the brand, which is largely invisible but drives performance, sets you apart and when it roars, stirs your emotions.
  • The chassis is the advertising material; the stuff that draws the crowd, like that Facebook page,your website or quality designed brochure or your logo etc.
  • The interior is everything else that touches the mind of the customer and reaffirms your message, including how the people answer the phones, the communication with the team, the price you charge, even the condition of that guest toilet in your premises create a great impact in the mind of a customer.
  • The driver is your staff, the people that make it work everyday.

Lets go further in our approach to creating a great marketing effort. It’s not always easy but the prize is worth it.