Peach on the Highest Tree

“Eat your vegetables”, “Listen to your mother”, “Don’t pick on your little brother/sister”… Any of these words of wisdom ring a bell? These tidbits of advice may have come from a grand-parent, aunt/uncle, close family-friend or some other “parental figure” but we’ve all been there…we’ve all been recipients of the one-liner words of wisdom.

Most of these we shrug off with a grin and roll of the eyes but others may have done exactly what our loved one intended. Some words make a lasting impression and help us on our journey.


…These are my impressionable words of wisdom from my now 80 year old spunky, cute and forever-wise, Mimi.

I’ve always had a uniquely close relationship with my grandmother. As a self-proclaimed old soul, I have felt a special connection and bond that has only grown throughout the years. Mimi has been there with me every step of the way. She knows me through and through. She’s put up with me when I begged my mom to tell her to stop buying me dresses during the peak of my tomboy phase and then took me dress shopping after I thankfully outgrew my Michael Jordan basketball shorts.

Of all the times Mimi has been there for me, our conversations about dating and relationships have stuck with me the most. Who knew talking to a God-fearing, Irish-Catholic grandmother about the opposite sex could be so enlightening.

Whether it be a casual visit or Christmas morning, a moment of laughter and sometimes fright would ensue as my 60 or 70-something year old grandmother would jump up onto the nearest stool, chair or couch and hold her hand up like the Statue of Liberty and shout: “Be the peach on the highest tree!”

After assisting her down from whatever elevation she climbed, she would elaborate on her outburst and explain exactly what she was trying to teach…

  • Hold yourself to high standards
  • Emulate the behaviors, beliefs and qualities of those whom who wish to attract
  • Never settle for someone that can simply “reach you”… make sure someone deserves you

Like many, I have stumbled at times along the way but I can honestly say my grandmother’s words have always been a whisper I have heard throughout the years. My relationship I am in now fills me with so much love, happiness and pride. The patience, persistence and effort it takes to “be the peach on the highest tree” is definitely worth it!

Relate it to your dating life, career aspirations or just overall personal-growth goals. Whatever you do, always strive to be the peach on the highest tree… the one who sets the example, stands tall and proud, and vows to never settle.

Food For Thought

  • Is there someone in your life that has left you with lasting words of wisdom?
  • If so, try and recall these words and think back to when and how they have influenced your life.
  • What does being “The peach on the highest tree” mean to you and your life?

I’d like to dedicate this blog to my Mimi. Thank you for all that you do and continue to do to help me be the best version of myself as I navigate through this beautiful life.

Originally published at on February 19, 2016.