I appreciate the layman’s insights provided beneath the more technical analysis — this is critical…
Aaron Miller

Valid points.

My thinking goes along these lines.

Which market do we address?

For the bigger public our weekly updates are the starting point. We give enough focus and insight into what is important. Hopefully that is enought already to prevent from making some uneducated (based on too much emotions) decisions.

For the more sofisticated investors big amount of data is needed. Why? To make use of the data there is a tipping point. Where the amount of combined data is big enough to be able to connect the dots which make sense. Right now we are collecting this set of data.

Now, regarding the crowd sentiment, my expertise domain… To give an opinion/insight into the crowd sentiment is a double-edged sword. It can only be valuable if the access is limited and paid for. Means if it’s available for the masses it will either be useless (can’t be leading indicator anymore) or won’t be appreciated (had this experience few times already, when sharing the insight with wider uneducated public)

So, likely the crowd sentiment insight/indicators will stay “exclusive” flow of data/information, available only to those who know and appreciate its value.

Here we have the insight. We’ve been sharing some of them just to make a point on twitter. Will move as the next step to the “paid with staked SAN tokens” section on our Dapp. Any futher, more complicated solutions will take longer time to implement.

I hopefully answered the raised questions (at least part of them)

Ask more, happy to engage with intelligent readers!

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