There were nights when I didn’t sleep remembering her embrace. There were days when I daydreamed about us bumping into her. In some different world. In the world of my fantasy
I don’t trust her anymore
Nitin Dangwal

I think this is a beautiful portrayal of energetic connection. So many times we invest huge amounts of energy into specifics like this daydreaming you mention out of yearning, instead of blurring the details and calling the feelings we wish to invoke to us anew.

I too am guilty of the circle of manifesting wrong love. Yes it is still love, but not that which serves our spirit fully. After a few goes on the merry-go-round of wrong love with someone I am learning to match these desires to a frequency of the future love, instead of the past. I miss him and the moments we shared but I have channeled my desires into anticipation of moments with someone yet to have a face or a name, rather than calling back that which no longer serves me.

All of us who have loved, lost and accepted the process of letting go should be proud of being able to stand in a truth that is hard to face, a truth brings with it definite finality in a life that clings to growth and not endings. A truth that says I gave my heart away and now I claim it back for the promise of something infinitely more fulfilling to who I am at my core.

Thank you for sharing such an eloquent portrayal of this process of grieving a love that departs slowly, rather than with a bang.

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