This Is How You Train Your Brain To Get What You Really Want
Benjamin P. Hardy

I totally agree with this article, with the power of knowing what you want and then opening up the opportunities to manifest it. I think it works in both personal and professional ways.

I have done some excellent development work personally around entrepreneurial business management that speaks about how what you think, leads to how you feel, which results in action that actually supports your original thought process. Therefore, if you are stuck in a rut, hijack your emotions.

Instead of thinking ‘I have to do this job to make ends meet — making you feel trapped —you keep doing the job’ and so on, get rid of the trapped feeling by doing things, perhaps outside of the current job cycle initially, that manifest feelings you expect to have when you are doing a job you love.

This will trigger your subconscious to start perceiving consciously other ways to make you feel happy/motivated/driven/passionate or whatever and boom! A new job opportunity will magically appear. I’ve found it really great advice and really fits in nicely with this article content too.