Careful — you may just get what you asked for!

The joy and challenge of co-creating

We are powerful beings with an incredible ability to create. Every action, thought and word is part of a creative process.

With the foundations are being solidified a new project, my breath is being taken away at how supported on every level this vision is, and the speed and depth at which those foundations are being created.

Yes there are some days that my personality is a little concerned that the order of things isn’t how ‘i’ think it should be, but when spirit gets involved, you need to put your ego to one side, buckle up and hold on for the ride. When the timing is aligned with Divine timing, things will manifest very quickly so be warned!

You will be asked to surrender, face all your fears, inhibiting beliefs, structures and thoughts, so a good dose of courage and kindness towards self and a blend of essences goes a long way.

We certainly have the power to create anything and everything, so align with the Divine, step into the greatness that you are, and enjoy the pure delight of co-creation