Do you give with or without strings?

Karma, true giving and strings

Every action we undertake has the potential for karma — negative, positive and for some enlightened beings among us even no karma. Giving is an action that on the surface is altruistic, but is this truly the case?

When we give something with absolutely no expectations we are truly giving. However, this it not always the case. For instance do you have a vested interest in a reponse to your gift, a return of the favour, a need to be acknowledged for your time, effort, or love given. Do you give your energy and then unconsciously want validation or reward for it? Or perhaps there is a subtle wrapping of guilt or obligation around that gift?

Initially I accidently typed in no stings attached in the title. A somewhat accurate of the outcome of true giving. No stings, energy entanglements or insidious entrapments.

Giving without expectations
leads to receiving without limitations
Charles F Glassman

May we give courageously and freely from our hearts without expectations