The call review.

A really good thriller with a bit of transgressions.(Spoilers ahead)

The movie started off really well with a glimpse of working culture at 911 which I haven’t seen before. I always imagined 911 to be a old school tele-centers but, the movie changed my view entirely. I never thought the 911 centers will be so sophisticated with technology and so much of power and people management. The movie also highlights about the importance of the tele-callers, emotional and mental stress they under go during their job which I felt quite interesting. Helle Berry the main character acts as Jordan and her acting is exceptional for the role.

As the movie progresses the bad guy turns to be more and more creepy but pretty naive for a hard headed serial killer. He left major clues during the plot and handled his victims with carelessness and appeared amateur through out the plot. The call conversation which happens between the victim and the tele-caller at the 911 center(Jordan) is pretty much interesting and will enrapture the audience more. Some of the suggestions which Jordan will give and the inputs she takes from the other end will make the plot much more interesting.

The ending of the movie is bit low, with Jordan giving an upper hand to the killer which looks like a major transgression. She didn’t hurt the killer enough to incapacitate him, he gained conscious and the plot continues. I think it is major let off, in any serial killer movie in which the killer will be hit just enough to make him calm for short duration and comes back to haunt the victims.

And, finally locking the guy in the room seriously ? I thought that is not something which Jordan will do. If that is how the movie director wanted the movie to end, he could have made the ending much more creepier, so that the killer’s wraith will remain with the viewer for quite sometime.