“What you see is not what actually you see” - Series 01 Episode 08

I love pets; Especially when it comes to my cat, I love him a lot. I named him good. Yes, his name is good. I always keep him with me, even when I’m at work.

I share my room with friend. Yes, My room mate’s name is friend. I hate him sometimes because he always asks me to keep good away from me. No, not this time. You’re wrong, he told me to keep my cat away from me. I hate that. I never listen to that. Because I trust my good.. both my cat and my “good” good.

One day I was with my good cat (really ☺ ) doing some office work. You know what, he is really good that he never disturbs during my work. I never hesitate to do important work when he is with me, because he never come near my keys when I’m in work. I understand him that mucnssjxpmdndkan wjxjaonwksoamdj+2–3:!9@/ ajqndhsbxiqqoxnsozj jdjzbakqkenfnxnsowkrfokqlwmdkzomrndjsnmdosndncnaebqoznwoxnwizkapNHKQKZJ

Toodles ☺

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