MISSING : EPISODE 6 — The one with the last hope.

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Episode 6 : The one with last hope

He was evidently distressed, and breathed painfully. He was helpless. He couldn’t think. He was clueless about his life. He simply drank his coffee upto the last sip and left that place.

While walking back home he was reminded of his childhood days. He was so happy with his mother, father, elder brother and some imaginary friends. His father earned well enough to run the family. His mother and brother were kind and supportive. While his age mates found life complicated, he thought it was facile and easy. He was taken care very well

He used to be punctual, focused and determined. Lack of proper guidance causes carelessness. The same happened to him. He was guided wrongly which, backfired, and affected him.

He was reminded of his last day at home. The day he moved out in search for a job. Everyone advised and pleaded him to change his attitude and carelessness. He told them he knew how to lead the life and asked them not to worry about him.

Now, remembering the day, his eyes were full of tears. He hated himself at that particular moment. He thought he was stupid enough to mislead and misguide himself. But, he was sure if he was given another chance, he can re create the old nagesh. 

If we are mentally strong with lot of positive thoughts, self confidence and self respect , then... at a point..in our life.. at some priceless particular time..something will happen, which might take us to the sky.. that moment.. that magical moment..no one can expect.. no one can.. that is a gift.. a gift from the god... irreplaceable gift.. it will be like a MAGIC.. an unbelievable MAGIC..



And nagesh was provided with such a gift, actually best of this kind of gifts..


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