Skin care..Do we know well enough?

We have got a lot of problems regarding about skin its so obvious.

Each 5 of 10 women get acne problem at least once in their lives and each 4 of 10 women are faced with skin blemishes problem too. Before 1980s, skin blemishes have been accepted as an aging problem but currently even the young skins have got the same problem. Isn’t it so interesting? Plus acne problem get started to seem so lately after 35 due to hormonal changes.

Lets just accept one thing weather we feed ourselves with organic products or not, weather climate changing or chemicals are so on the way, we need to understand some certain things.

Ask your mom or your grandma if they did have any skin blemishes or acne problem at the same age as you are now..Their answer will be possibly ‘No, they haven’t had any!

As we show a lot of performance of using concealers, sun screens and bb creams and congratilations we have got a new layer on our skin.

What to do

  1. Clean out of your face with a gentle foam every morning and evening. The cleanser foam should be suitable for your skin and also should not harm your good bacteria in your skin. So you may choose a product like a probiotic supported cleanser which will not wash out benefit hosts also supporting immune system at the first place.
  2. It is one of the biggest mistakes sleeping with make up, sunscreens and bb creams. It is a clear delusion to think of sunscreens are moisturizers which they are obviously taken all of collagen out and get your skin dryer whats called aging! Please clean your face from such chemicals. If you would like to use something like moisturizer or an oxygenation agent, I may recommend you to apply 2 drops of Ozonlabs O3RSS 50 ml at nights. (It is also needed to use tonic after washing your face a the foam if you regularly use sunscreens or bb-cc creams)
  3. If you don’t like to use bb-cc or sunscreens you may prepare natural masks for your face such as avocado, yogurt, sprulina alg, lemon with Ozonlabs O3RSS Serum to trigger the collagen synthesis.
  4. Use a real natural aqua based moisturizer before going to bed.

Please read the ingredients of the skin products you use. If you see parabens, TiO2 metallic dioxide groups, you need consider aging. TiO2 is a photosensitive agent accepted as a chemical compound that metabolized in the tissues. There are lots of scientific researches about the correlation between TiO2 groups and cancer. (I will write down more about this in the future articles)

The skin aging could also be caused by metabolic syndrome rather than environmental stress factors alone. The long unhealthier diets, loss of vitamin C whose fighting against oxidants causing oxidative stress in the cells, B12 deficiency, lack of vitamin D can change your skin tolerance.


The vitamins should not buy from every store like candies. Just because of being a lazy person can lead you to these ready products like supplements those you never know how will effect your health in the future. The medicines or supplements should be used under a doctor’s control. You also have to take care of your health rather than trusting supplements’ power. Firstly, be sure that you cook fresh vegetables, prepare a dish of fresh sour fruits for yourself in daily basis. (Be sure that I will show my kitchen in the next articles)

Everyday 2 minutes of preparing fresh orange juice can give you a lot of health benefits rather than winning 4 minutes by drinking a packaged one.

Please raise your awareness about you are so valued and number 1 priority is your body to be useful for the others. The results in your skin and body will come afterward.

Ok lets calculate now.

  1. Simple skin care in daily basis is taken 4 minutes for each session, there will be 2 (in the morning and evening) which means 8 minutes
  2. Making fresh orange juice for you and your family will be taken like 4 minutes

Total 12 minutes in everyday!

Is it much?

Stay healthy!