Russian Sleep Experiment

After the end of the world war 2 all countries began to upgrade their defences and military for another war if any broke out so russia began to test on new ways to keep all soldiers awake without sleeping so all scientists began to work on and some of them cmae with a gas . They decided to test the gas on the german hostages by promising them if they cooperated with this expirement they can go their homeland Germany . So they agreed and they were locked on a room with lot of books and food with a mic and glass which from outside we can see and but inside we can’t. For the first day everything was going normal but then in the second day evrything began to change they started shouting at each other and then in the sixth day a man took all the books and teared the pages and stuck it in the window so the officials can’t see what’s happening but there was a mic there so they could hear what they were saying then in the evelenth day a man shouted for 6 hours straight! resulting in the break of his vocal cord.But in the thirteenth day there was no sound at all.So,The Russian Government decided to stop the expirement and let the army inside but it was too dark so another set of army people entered the room and was shocked to see as they were 5 people entered the room before 15 days and now 2 of them had died and the other 3 were eating their own flesh and skin.While taken to a hospital 2 of them died and now only one left .He when taken to hospital he told the doctors that no anaesthesia should be given and he loved the pain so much and that he wanted to feel pain so much he died while the surgery took place.He told before the surgery that sleep is so important to every living thing and without sleep even humans turn into animals

So we conclude that sleep is so important to each and everyone of us!!👍☺️☺️ Please like and appluade