Sports on the Edge. Long Live Data

Sports has always intrigued me. I see Sport as a metaphor to everyday life. These are exciting times for everyone.…fans, leagues, owners, players, advertisers. Here are some digital trends as i see ’em unfolding.
  1. Fan Experiences get Real…Time

Fans will engage during the live game interactively between each other, with the players, with the coaches. Their experience will morph from consuming the game to participating in the game experience. Social media interactions with Fans — by Players & Coaching staff in-game LIVE with will become mainstream.

2. Training goes Autonomous…primarily.

Autonomous Players will be difference-makers in Training— with each team having their own uniquely programmed Autonomous Players, to help out with Training & Off-season prep. These autonomous players can be programmed to differing levels of difficulty by the Coaches to adjust for OTA 1 vs. OTA 2 etc.

3. Coaching gets Analytical…incrementally

Coaches use real-time in-game apps (with learnings from a trillion of formations great minds have drawn up before ) to help them call high-quality plays as the action is happening. Maybe Facebook will call the app “Pop” ‘n Amazon will call it “Hoodie”.

4. Player Longevity increases…significantly

Brady and Federer are the early birds. Their health management will become the norm soon. Players will use Health data to know their own system better and play effectively at least 30–50% longer. Diets (both Off & In-Season), Game-to-Game Recovery, Injury prevention, Sleep Science will get smarter with learnings.

5. Advertising….Meet Moments

Advertising goes Contextual. Brands will be able to reach Fans exactly during the highest-engagement moments within Live games. Brands use predictive analytics to be ready with Personalized Deals based on their interpretation of the value of each In-game Moment. Brands will listen to Fans throughout Game-Day on all channels, so possibilities of In-the-Moment Advertising goes beyond just in-App to in-Anywhere.

6. Referees…get a Digital Friend

Baseball gets the strike zone right with digital help. NBA introduces 1 Digital Referee as part of Referee crew every game. NFL uses In-game Sensors (embedded in the football, embedded on the sidelines, embedded in player shoes) and shows it Live while making key reviews. But Part-time referees continue to be in the mix so the decision making drama will not be lost :)

7. Game watching Locations become..

Interactive Hubs. Stadiums will compete with each other when teams play. When Seahawks & 49ers play, CenturyLink stadium & Levi’s stadiums will got at it 1:1 digitally in-game, so Fans have a collective second-screen experience while experiencing the game LIVE. These hubs create a wave of cross-platform marketing opportunities that blend in-stadium & in-App advertising.

Fun times ahead. Data don’t Lie.