Approximately a year ago, I implemented the first e2e tests on a project. It was a rather big application using JAVA SpringBoot on the back-end and Angular on the front-end. We used Protractor as a testing tool, which uses Selenium. In the front-end code there was a service, which had an error handler method. When that method was called, a modal dialog popped up and the user could see the details of the errors and the stack trace.

The problem was that while it has tracked every error that happened on the back-end, the front-end failed silently. TypeErrors, ReferenceErrors and…

Recently, I wrote a blog post about creating a reusable loading-indicator component for Angular projects. The next step is making the indicator part customizable. But how exactly do you insert your component into the overlay? That is where dynamic components can help us.

Note: Since my previous blog post, I have refactored some parts of the library. Feel free to check out the git repository.

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The use-case is that we have a really easy to use loading-indicator. By default, it has a spinner, and it can be triggered using the library’s decorator methods. However, our end user wants only “Loading…”…

Reusability. A word that has crossed my mind several times recently, while working on an Angular project. I have decided to create my own Angular reusables and blog about the experience.

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So, what exactly is a loading-indicator? Usually, it is a spinner of some sort with an overlay, which prevents user interactions. The UI is not clickable and focus is trapped. Therefore, the user cannot mutate the data or the application state accidentally by interacting with inputs behind the overlay.

After the loading stops, the overlay with the spinner is removed from the DOM and the previously focused element is…

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