There Will Be Money
Edward Lichty

I am really impressed how you guys handle this question: with the reader in mind. It would be nice to hear how you guys think about the money question today, a year later.

I was also thinking, when I read about the advertisement part: why is it that advertisement is necessarily evil? I mean sure, I hate getting ads all over my face, everywhere I go. But does it have to be like this? I mean there are few things that I would be happy to hear about. Cases where I am really interested in a topic, for example professionally. And let’s say without distraction, without false messaging or trying to fool me, I would sometimes get curated “ads” (more like business information).

As long as it would be:

* Narrowly targeted for the context of the article
* At the end of an article (shouldn’t distract my reading experience in between)
* Going seamlessly with the design
* Rare
* Only visible one time for me
* Curated (probably)

I think I would be okay with it.

I am pretty sure you guys are way ahead on this. It would be cool to learn more what you think on this and also to learn about possible results of user experiments around this topic.

Another small idea, more like a feedback on how to make money is around pain point of mine: as reading on a desktop is inconvenient and reading on mobile is simply bad in terms of readability and also for the eyes, I am turning more and more to ebook readers. I haven’t found a good solution so far to get up-to-date, good looking Medium content to my Kindle. I would be okay with paying a small fee to be able to save articles from the mobile medium app and let them send automatically to my ebook device.

Anyway, keep up the good work! 

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