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What does a product manager do? I have heard this question many times and didn’t know how to respond to it. Not having (yet) a formal education on how to become a PM, a lot of people don’t know exactly what are the daily activities of a product person.

The difficult part is that there isn’t a simple answer that summarizes its whole scope. …

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Hierarchy of Retention presented as a pyramid with 3 levels

The first step in increasing customer retention is to understand how churn occurs. From the instant where the user experience failure, becomes discontented, starts to consider cancelling, until the moment where he/she finds an alternative to your product and ultimately churns.

After that, systematic actions must be taken in order to encourage customer engagement not only by improving the product but also by awakening self-awareness of how churn truly impacts your company and finding (and even predicting) the most susceptible cases of stopping using your solution so that they can…

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Digital products in SaaS companies normally are developed focusing not only in acquisition (selling to more customers) but also in retention (keeping customers engaged).

There are people that even say that retention is the new expansion. And they are right. Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, inventor of NPS, did a research that showed that increasing client’s retention rate in 5%, statistically can be achieved a profit between 25% and 95% (details here).

Then how can we grow customer retention? The first step is to identify how a churn occurs…

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Metrics are essential in monitoring growth and keeping up the evolution of a company. It is through them that we know if the company is growing, that we can find the attention and course correction points and that we can guarantee future predictability. In the digital product scenario, there is no much difference. It is needed to rely on metrics to verify if business goals are being translated in value to clients. Whether users’ needs are being converted into the company’s results.

There are several types of metrics: from the…

As some of you know, May 27th is stated to be the World Product Day and to celebrate this special occasion, two of the most influential product communities, Mind the Product and Product School, launched a series of events filled with great content and awesome speakers.

To maximize how anyone can access and assimilate most of the content, I invest some time in sorting the topics into 10 categories (Introduction, Product Process, Product Discovery, Product Strategy, Team Structure, UX/UI & Research, Growth, Privacy/Security, Cases and Panels).

There are 66 talks in total, available on Youtube or Linkedin meetups, containing big…

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Product manager 💻, Delos host 🤖 and Ravenclaw alumni 🧙

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