Medly — Music Maker (Media Kit)

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We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are offering our media kit via Medium. Hopefully, you’ll find all the information and assets you’re looking for below. If you have any questions, please contact

You can also find all of the images below on Dropbox here


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What’s Medly

Making music in Medly is as easy as drawing notes on a grid to create rhythms and melodies. With access to 112 instruments, ranging from House synths to Classical violins, and hundreds of drum and FX samples, musicians can create songs in a variety of genres. Alongside tools such as FX automation and multiple export formats, Medly has become the tool chosen by both new and seasoned musicians to draft and create their music.

Medly is free to download and includes 12 free instruments, with 100 more available through in-app purchases.

About Medly (Company)

Originally released for iPad in March 2015, Medly relaunched a year later with a new design for iPhone and iPad. Since then, Medly has gone on to be downloaded over half a million times, received an Apple Editor’s Choice, Best Apps of March 2016, and now Best App of 2016.

Medly was founded in April 2011 while co-founders Basil Al-Dajane and Jayson Rhynas where studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. You can learn more at

App Details

Price — Free (with in-app purchases for additional instruments)
IAP — $2.99 USD per pack (includes 12–16 instruments), or $9.99 USD for all 7 packs.
iTunes Link —
Website — (will be updated on launch day)

Songs Made In Medly

Robotic Uprise uses the latest Future Bass Pack instruments and recently added Vox instruments to create this hit.
Vulpeox’s use of Pitch Shift automation to add a new level of polish to the song Tokyo Psycho, makes it a Medly favorite. Audacity was used to add city noise and police sirens to the backdrop.
Eyegist’s use of Medly’s FX Kit and Filter automation in Closure gives an intense and mesmerizing feel to the music. The song was completely composed and uploaded to SoundCloud in Medly.