Did u self introspect??

We live in a world that is created by us. You might think that this sounds crazy “How the hell can I create a World, If I did would not I be God”.

You are right that we are not God but we still survive in a world that is inside a world created by God.

When we are kids we are so busy in our home-works, class tests, sports that we never think about our aim in life.

And whenever somebody asks us we generally say Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc.

As the time passes by we keep on changing our aims and at one point of time we generally land up to finding a right job that gives us pleasure and a work life balance.

But does that happen with everyone of us? The answer is a big no.

Then what is the thing that went wrong? What is the reason that we are not happy with what we are doing today?

The answer to these questions is another Question Did you Self introspect?

I am not a serial writer neither I have written any articles or stories. This message of mine is to aware you that take some time out of your busy lives and talk to yourself many of your un answered questions and doubts would be cleared by only you.

The best time for it is early morning before you begin your day just go to an open place that is surrounded by nature and talk to yourself. Plan your day and make sure that you really talk to yourself as if you talk to your friends or family members.

This would make you feel energetic and help you take decisions in life easily.

At least it helped me, hope it helps you too just give it a try once and let me know your comments.

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Mr. Binary