My first goodbye.

The day I left was exciting, a new adventure was lying ahead and I had all the intention to take everything I could to make it the best start over ever.

It became a nightmare a few days later. Weighting the bags and realising that the weight had increased over the past couple of days just of the humidity was the first of many panic attacks my wife and I had.

Skipping ahead to the bags documentation, I can assure that God helped us to get through it. Documenting 4 bags, 2 bikes, 1 box and 3 carry bags was the real test. But we did it.

A week later, I started feeling down, seeing all the bad things about Mexico while trying to get two lines for our cellphones, while weighting the expenses vs the income and learning that my wife’s job was uncertain after all and we had to wait almost a month to know if she finally were able to get it or not. It was a really stressful time and above all I felt alone in a new place.

The same place that almost two years before saw me leave to Miami.

Going to the office seemed like a déjà vu where I knew how everything worked and almost all the people in there. Nothing really changed since I left. Except that nothing was like before.

I started to do my job and tried to keep my mind focus on what I had to do. Doing new stuff, but keeping in touch with the same people that I used to talk face to face, laugh face to face and even get mad face to face. It started to become more and more difficult to not miss everything from the old team. I wanted to cry a couple of times whenever I knew someone else was missing me as I was missing them. Maybe they don’t know how hard it was for me to leave, and maybe they never will. But once they realise that, they will understand that it was even more hard to keep working without them by my side.

I started wondering about what happened. Did I make the right choice? But I know for sure that God told us to move back to Mexico. We prayed and we got our answer. There’s no doubt this is the right move. What do I do now? I feel sad, depressed, mad!

Should I start looking for another job?

To be continued…

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