How to see all of the members in your WeWork building

Co-working spaces such as WeWork put you in close proximity to professionals you’d otherwise not be around. The faces holding the door open for you, pressing your floor number in the elevator, and smiling as you pass them in the kitchen are all connections waiting to be made. Who are these people? What do they do all day? Who do they work for? And most importantly, how do I find that out.

Step 1: Open the WeWork App

Step 2: Tap ‘Search the Member Network’ on the top

Step 3: Enter a single space

Step 4: Execute the search

Step 5: Tap ‘View All’ for members in your building

Note: Alternatively, you can find a company and then explore members who work at that company. To do so, tap ‘View All’ on the search results page for companies in your building.
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