White people, when you call me “well-spoken,” this is what you’re actually saying.
Lecia Michelle 📃

I just want to tell you that, for whatever it’s worth, from this white person, I am truly sorry that you have had to endure such utter stupidity and ignorance. How a person, no matter their upbringing or lack of exposure to the world at large, can think that they sound anything but ignorant and insulting to speak as that freshman girl did, is beyond my comprehension. If you haven’t already, I hope that you have an opportunity to have a positive relationship with a white person. That person would benefit from your wisdom and clarity, and I can only hope that, given time and more genuine inter-racial positive relationships, your wisdom might catch on. Why we are still struggling at this level after all these years is largely a mystery to me, though I am coming to understand that it is largely because there are more folks than we might have thought who, like that freshman, drag us all down.