Instagram Black Mod APK Latest Version 2018

Download Instagram Black Mod APK The latest version 2018, with fast links and direct, with the wonderful new additions that are available in this version, which can not be found in the original version of Instagram.

What Is Instagram Black Mod?

Black Instagram Mod or dark instagram is a new modified version of the Instagram application, that contains many great features, which you can not get in the official version, This version of Instagram provides a black look that looks stylish and attractive to users.

Instagram Black Mod Features:

  • If you want to know if someone is following you, you can follow the indicator to see it.
  • share your posts to all social networks.
  • Auto start videos feature with sound.
  • Ability to enlarge images to see clearly.
  • download the photos and videos.
  • download feature.
  • Ability to view your profile photos.
  • Sync with all other social networks.

What’s New In Instagram Black Mod APK ?

  • you can Find places

you can Search by location to explore a great destinations.

  • Instagram TV
  • Tags and common places
  • Dynamicly updated content gives us a real-time view of what’s happening around the all world.
  • Organized groups

you can Explore a selection of places and people chosenin instagram negro by Instagram.

  • recording a video without having to press and hold.and others…

Download Instagram Black Mod APK Latest Version

you can Now Download Instagram Black Mod APK Free, the latest version, You can download it instagram mods apk, you can also download all updates of modified versions of Instagram, such as gb instagram and instagram gold and instagram plus from our website, If you have any suggestions, we are happy to receive your suggestions. You can also leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

How To Install Instagram Black Apk?

You can easily install Instagram Black Mod APK by a number of steps:

First: Make a backup for your data and information.

Second: Uninstall the official version on your Android to install the new version.

third : Install the black instagram apk that you downloaded from this site on your Android device.

enjoy using instagram black theme.

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