I Have Some Things to Say

I just don’t know how to get them to come out.

When something bothers or interests me I get this urge to write it down and explain why. I have a “Hey, look at this!” moment. The problem is that when I sit down to write nothing happens. I mull over my thoughts, but I’m just not sure where to start.

Take this piece for instance. I typed the title and opening sentence and came to a crashing halt. I sat there poised with my fingers above the keyboard and nothing. My mind was blank.

Okay, now that I’ve pushed into it a little, words are coming. But now I just feel like I am writing to get any old rambling out of my head. Is this what I mean to say, or am I just typing a stream of consciousness? Is this how other people write?

Wait, wait. This isn’t what I mean to say at all. I feel like I’ve gone down a blind alley and need to backtrack out of here. But how?

Start a new paragraph? But did I complete my thought in the last paragraph or did I just stumble? Or worse, did I think “Eh, I’ll just randomly change the subject. Readers will never notice.”

Sigh. I hesitated, and foolishly went back and proofread what I have written, and now I’m stuck.

Why is this so hard? I give up. God, I hate writing. This is torture.

But I have things to say…