The actual cure for Male pattern baldness.

Alex Bald
3 min readSep 18, 2018

First, before telling you how I cure my baldness, I’d like to inform you that I don’t speak English perfectly.

In this document, I will give you my secret (Free). I’m not here to explain to you the processes of the MPB or even my story. You’ve done enough research I guess to know exactly what is it and you’ve tried everything and you are still shedding, receding and thining. Maybe you are now on Propecia, minoxidil or both. This is pure shit, these things cost you lots of money, don’t even work a lot and can give you very very bad side effects! Maybe you try some diet, herbs (saw palmetto etc.) or even some peptides (GHRP-6, TB-500 like me) but it doesn’t work.

Here’s the cure and I will explain you why. The secret ingredient is potassium bicarbonate, my friend. Yes, it’s that simple. Potassium bicarbonate is an effective fungicide against powdery mildew and apple scab, allowed for use in organic farming ( Go buy some on or .com (food grade) or any other food grade (I’m not the seller…)

This will kill the fungus that contains DHT in your scalp and will give you very very soft hair. Thrust me (I have no reason to lie and nothing to win…). You can also add some magnesium carbonate if you want a better result.

Protocole: After every meal (with high sodium), take a spoon, put some honey on it and put a little bit of potassium bicarbonate and eat it. You need to understand that sodium is clogging your follicle. You need to understand that nobody is the same so you will need to balance the dose with your feeling. If you are not sure, take only 200mg per day and see how your body (scalp) react.

If you want to regrowth some hair, you will do the same thing but you will need to lower the DHT in your body and activate the blood flow in your scalp. For the blood flow, you will take 1–2 or 3 times a day a smoothie with Watermelon (most important ingredients) sesame seed, strawberry, and mangoes. For the DHT, you can eat some RAW pumpkin seed. For better result, you will need to put white vinegar on your scalp (you can dilute it with water first if it’s too strong at the beginning) it will activate the blood circulation and remove the calcification. After this, you will rinse with hot water. After you will put a little bit of potassium bicarbonate in your shampoo and wash your hair. After you will do the same thing with the white vinegar again and rinse with hot water and switch at the end with cold water. If you want to be sure the smell great, add some orange oil on your hair when they are dry. You can message me if you want more info, I can tell you exactly what I did to regrowth my hair.

Dude, my father is bald, and his father was and I WAS. I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried, all the shampoo, all the herbs (nettle root, saw palmetto etc (DHT blockers), all the foods, but the secret is the fungicide: Potassium Bicarbonate. I was Norwood 3 and now I am Norwood 1.4. It cost me almost nothing. My hairs are soft, with high volume and beautiful. The only reason I share this is that I want to help every guy who was like me, fucking bald, fucking desperate and ugly and also maybe I will have the chance to be lucky enough to help a millionaire or even a billionaire who will give me a shit load of Bitcoin or Ethereum because I cure his baldness and he now feels great because of me.

That’s it if you have some question, you can message me on it’s free, I will give you a protocol based on your needs for FREE

I will not post any picture before and after, your fucking bald man and you don’t have other choices to trust a random stranger on the internet. Or buy some shitty and expensive product with bad side effects.

I know I just cure your baldness, I’ve done and tried everything and I’ve decided to share my secret for free. If you’ve tried and cure your baldness because of me, I will accept some donation. Yes, I want to be a millionaire and I think this information is worth all the money in the world.

Only if you cure your baldness because of me, I will accept donations

Here is my Bitcoin address: 3EVczbH4RcBNLQnKhpfCAePkxhBu4yDD4D

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