Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

Cannot believe you would actually say you’d vote for Hillary when you express the concerns of most of America. That woman is so demented by her thirst for power that she blames Russia for revealing truth about her that was most likely provided by disgruntled, poorly treated employees, who also fear for their lives, given the Clintoon record!

The very real threat of Russian reaction to her lies puts us all in jeopardy, and her obscene abuse of political power for personal financial gain while Sec State is even more appalling not to mention the politicalization of Justice to avoid the actual justice she deserves.

Appalling that you almost seem to see the reasons to vote for the flawed character Trump, but choose instead the criminal, dangerous fascist, since she superficially agrees with your social views, social views 0f such ephemeral quality, that they are certain to be different in 15 years, while profound bedrock truths, liberty, you throw away!

Truly amazing. We are not united in the very least! Though concerns are similar, the hard decisions are beyond Hillary supporters

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